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Welcome to our showcase of Upholstered Bed Heads and Bedroom Suites. Combining a passion for beautiful and functional living spaces with creativity, artistic styling and inspirational designs is our motto. We are the leaders in Australian furniture design and experts in interior designer.

Whether you are looking for only a bed head, furniture pieces for your bedroom or a complete home or bedrooms interior concept, our expert interior designer will give you the care and attention every step of the way to tailor décor furnishings to the way you live and how you envisage your interior space functioning.

Being the leaders in designer furniture, we can physically design and manufacture anything that you require. Provide us with a concept or image, tell us your dreams for your interior space and we can bring this to life. Alternatively, allow our interior designer to dream it up for you, tailor it to your personality, tastes and lifestyle. Mark and his team have the ability and capacity to create singlefurniture items or a complete bedroom fitout.

Location within Australia is not a restriction for Mark, who has designed and delivered furniture and complete home fit outs to clients homes in Melbourne, Vaucluse Sydney, Woollahra Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Alice Springs and PortDouglas.

Our passion is todeliver interiors that will only get better with age. We create designs andinterior concepts that are timeless. Hence we are the Australian furniture design experts. Your decision and final selection of our designs will not be about the latest fad or trend. Your home interior and furniture is an investment. It must be unique and enduring. True style never dates.

Mark can show youartistic combinations of upholstery, mixing plain fabrics with different patterns and diverse colours, unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Australia before.

Far too many interior designers impose their own personality and control on client’s personal taste and style, rather than help them achieve the best design concept. Working passionately for each client and respecting every client’s own sense of style, Mark can present distinctive colour options, bright or subdued colour palettes tailored to your personality, not defined by Mark’s tastes. This is what sets us apart and makes us the favoured interior decorator.

Mark listens, using his natural skill and gift of interpreting personalities and individual styles,helping clients bring out their own inner visions for a design and interiorconcept that they will enjoy and feel comfortable with.

It’s all about you, your space and your lifestyle.

When you come to us for the services of an interior designer or interior decorator, we can present you with endless possibilities of creativity and artistic styling. With a network of distinguished furniture distributors, our own manufacturers, factories and workshops and skilled artisans in drapery and wallpapering and specialists painters, Mark Alexander Wakeling works with the best of the best creators in Australia.

Our multi-skilled team of furniture designers and interior designers draw inspiration from many varied sources. Our head designer, Mark Alexander Wakeling, with over 30 years experience in the industry, deemed a perfectionist with commendations in design and manufacturing, cabinet making and French polishing. Mark won awards forVictorian apprentice of the year, 3 years in a row starting at the age of fifteen. Mark knows the product and manufacturing process and thus, is respected and connects well with craftsmen colleagues at a construction level as well as at a design level. Thereby producing product that looks good for the client of which perfection is not sacrificed. Every design; interior concept or furniture is carefully created and transformed into inspired living spaces in classical and modern styles.

Mark has expansive knowledge of design styles, homes buildings, furniture styles and trends throughout the world. Being invited to exclusive design shows in Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, New York, Chicago and San Francisco he has been lucky enough to build contacts with furniture suppliers and manufacturers in Paris, Portugal, Spain and England. In addition to building a strong Australian network of professional people in design and manufacturing over the last 30 years. With access to innovative and distinctive designs, Mark has the freedom in Australia to customise his own styles and designs that are artistic masterpieces.

Interiors and upholstered bed heads are designed to create an atmosphere that is warm andwelcoming and that flows and functions effectively as a space for relaxation.

Mark will carefully design appropriate floor plan layouts for each room as required, and selectadditional complementing pieces to create beautiful and functional rooms asrequired. Fabric selections and furniture styles will be tailored to each clients personal sense of style and taste, perfectly suiting your home, personality and lifestyle.

Suggestions to complete your room can include feature wallpaper walls and window dressings, custom designed rugs, lamps and other decorative items, creating a beautifully unified and ambient space as required.

Mark will utilise his trusted team of designers, craftsmen, furniture and curtain manufactures and fitters and transport and delivery professionals to provide the highest quality products and services for your home interior project.

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